Crystals for Depression & Anxiety

1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues and the illnesses can isolate you at a time when you need to know you have support and/or understanding from others. The Chakra mainly associated with depression is the Solar Plexus, located slightly above the belly button. The chkkra influences identity and self-worth. Anxiety is mostly associated with the Root Chakra which is found at the base of the spine and represents the basic human needs - survival, the need for safety, security etc. These crystals can be carried, held or worn as jewellery to help. Key: D = for depression, A = for anxiety.

African Turquoise* (D, A) promotes personal growth, development and possibilities, encouraging positive change and soothing anxiety;

Amazonite* (A) calms the mind, bringing personal growth, increased rationality and objectivity, and bringing emotions into balance;

Amethyst* (D, A) alleviates anxiety, calming the mind, brings back a sense of control and aids insomnia;

Aquamarine* (A) soothing energy and calms fears and phobias, bring calm to an overthinking mind;

Black Obsidian* (D, A) alleviates depression, anxiety, fear and indecisiveness, dispelling disbelief and confusion and giving peace of mind from negativity;

Blue Calcite* (A) soothes frayed nerves, lessens anxiety, and encourages rest and relaxation;

Blue Lace Agate* (A) calms the emotions, restoring inner calm and soothing the mind;

Cherry Quartz* (D, A) comforting, brings peace and hope, and fresh new energies into stale spaces;

Citrine* (D) a stone of manifestation and focus, it raises energy and motivation;

Clear Quartz* (A) reduces stress and stabilizes emotions, helping with sleep;

Dalmatian Jasper* (A) helps with overthinking, grounds and centres the thinker. Harmonizes emotions. An instant pick me up.

Green Aventurine* (D) releases old patterns, habits and disappointments to allow personal growth, enhancing motivation and encouraging perseverance;

Labradorite* (D, A) dispels fears, anxiety, and negativity;

Lapis Lazuli* (D, A) stabilizes confidence, giving reassurance and easing tension;

Larimar* (A) brings calm and balance to a situation, removing stress and bringing calm. Helpful with mood disorders. Soothing.

Lavastone/lava beads* (A) provides stability in times of change, it often helps to dissipate anger. Good for calming anxiety, fear and worry;

Lepidolite* (D, A) helps with anxiety, stress, depression, emotional balance, panic attacks, and mood swings. Soothes mind, aids with change and sleep.

Mookaite* (D, A) helps to increase self-confidence, self-worth and realize your potential. Soothes mind, bringing focus from distracting thoughts;

Moonstone* (A) balances life cycles and patterns, whilst balancing emotions;

Morganite* (D, A) peace bringing, it eases the pain of old emotional wounds and past traumas. Helpful for depression, it nurtures the emotional body, reducing stress;

Orange Aventurine* (A) helps quieten the inner critical voice and helpful when dealing with issues of self-worth. It encourages perseverance to find new ways through life;

Prehnite* (A) helps to bring peace and joy and to relieve worry. Useful in meditation;

Rose Quartz* (D, A) a soft gentle energy, it brings comfort and support, nurturing self-love and unconditional love, dispelling negativity;

Smoky Quartz* (D) transforms negative emotions and negative energy patterns, helping with depression, overcoming nightmares and stress;

Sodalite* (A) clears negative feelings, bringing inner peace and aid willpower, a stone of self-esteem and confidence;

Snowflake Obsidian* (A) brings balance to body, mind and spirit, helps to keep centred and focused in chaos and can remove negativity from a situation.

Sunstone* (D, A) revives optimism, releases stress and aids mental clarity. Strong manifesting stone, embodies warmth, strength and vitality.

Tiger Eye* (D) powerful and protective, helping with harmony and balance, it also helps relax fear and anxiety.

All information correct at the time of writing to the best of my knowledge and belief. These are the traditional properties of the listed crystals, listed for information only, and not intended to replace medical treatment or advice. Always consult your doctor for proper medical diagnosis. Copyright - Julie Williamson